Fangirl - Rowell. Rainbow

Have you ever liked something so much that you wish it would never end?


How about a TV show? Where you get so immersed in the characters that you just want their story to continue? Or maybe change the story to your liking?


Then welcome to FanFiction!! Where all your dreams CAN come just have to write it. The cool part is many times people think they are the only ones that feel they way they do about a certain character or story and they just hid in their little shell when really there are hundreds of other people feeling the same way as you do. FanFiction can help you get out of your shell and meet other people that think just like you do, or better!!! And if other people don't like what you come up with, FanFiction helps you grow stronger about yourself and your ideas that you don't care what others think.


FanFiction is all Cath can think about. She wakes up in the morning..."gotta go on FanFiction", at school..."gotta write for FanFiction". Her room is covered in FanFiction memorabilia. But she's really good at it. Hundreds and thousands of fans log on everyday to see what else she has written about. She's a sensation.


Now if only she can put those words that she writes on paper to her mouth in reality.

Cath is very shy around other people. She doesn't react real to them, unlike her sister. Sometimes it's okay, she can just slink back into her room by herself and jut write.

Well, Cath is now in College. Goodbye privacy!!! Cath is totally out of her comfort zone and her sister Wren wants to move on with her life and leave FanFiction all together which Cath thinks it's a sin.


What's Cath going to do now? She doesn't really want to do this alone and whenever she tries to meet new people it just becomes a total disaster.


As long as she has her Simon Snow FanFiction to keep her alive. But even that seems to start coming to a head. For the books that made Simon Snow popular is finishing up...will her FanFiction too? What will she do afterwards? And can she really finish college on her own with no help what so ever?


A great story about a girl growing into a woman with the world watching her every move. And it just happens to be in College...GREAT!!!!