Nightmares! Series

Nightmares! - Jason Segel, Karl Kwasny, Kirsten Miller Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic - Jason Segel, Kirsten Miller, Karl Kwasny Nightmares! The Lost Lullaby - Jason Segel, Kirsten Miller, Karl Kwasny

Book One

Nightmares is something everyone has had. Whether you are young or old, you once had a nightmare that you just couldn't shake off. Sometimes it's just the one nightmare, sometimes it's a trilogy. Sometimes, however, it stays with you for days, weeks, even months. You are either falling into a dark abyss; a clown is chasing you; failing a test that is coming up. But the main thing to remember is that these are just nightmares.....they only occur during the night, during sleep. Once you wake up, those nightmares are gone.


Or so Charlie Laird believed so.


Charlie believed like everyone else, that nightmares aren't real, and that they only occur during sleep time. That is until he started having the same dream over and over again ever since moving into the purple mansion which he believes have caused the nightmares to escalate.


Of course everyone assures him that the nightmares aren't real.


That is until a nightmare started walking around broad daylight!!!!


Charlie and his friends found something very unusual in the Purple Mansion.....a gateway into the Netherworld....a gateway into Nightmares. Every nightmare Charlie's town has ever had or has now, Charlie and his friends are walking in them. Trying to figure out how a Nightmare got through the gateway and into Reality while also trying to figure out how to get out of the nightmares that seem to have plagued the town.

How can you get out of your nightmare when your nightmare won't let go of you? How do you win in a Nightmare?


Jason Segel shows you how with the help of Charlie and his friends. A wonderful, helpful story for kids and yes even adults who have terrible Nightmare that they just can't shake off.


Book Two


"Go to sleep my baby rock-a-by
Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby
All about the angels that watch over thee
Go to sleep sweetie and dream in peace."

This is normally how most people get their kids to sleep. They sing a little lullaby, they rock the baby's in their arms, they read a story....whatever it takes to get their children to sleep.


That is until the children and the adults start seeing eyes in their dreams that have turned into nightmares?


And what if all those great techniques, don't work anymore? How are you going to get your child to sleep when even you yourself can't sleep? And what if you do start sleeping and those eyes.......


Well then try out this new tonic from the next town over. You will feel wonderful trust us!!! You will be able to never dream of those eyes ever again!!!! (Of course, you will NEVER dream again and you will turn into a Zombie which is sort of the point)


Charlie and his friends are at it again, trying to save a town from Nightmares....but this time the nightmare isn't from the Gateway. It's mixed in a Tonic that the people have been drinking and can't seem to come out of their Zombie phase.


How do you wake people up when they are too afraid of the Reality? How do you stop something when you can't feel it?


Book Three