Hounded - Kevin Hearne

You walk into an occult bookshop.


You see a young man working there and the first thing you think of is he must be here working for his folks or family members trying to save money for school. Girls will just think he's a cute boy and maybe see him in school sometime. He wouldn't harm a fly, and he's a nice innocent boy.


Of course you would think this mostly because your human and you believe everything you see.


But you don't see that the iron bars on the windows are not just for hoodlums but also Fairy hoodlums; or that the boy is not really a boy and can fight ten men at once and can hold his own. Of course if an evil warlord was after him your would think he would run and hide....think again!!


Book One of the Iron Druid Chronicles

As of right now there are 9 Books in the Series

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/series/52837-the-iron-druid-chronicles