Please Look After Mom

Please Look After Mom - Kyung-sook Shin

What is a Mother?


A mother is there to protect her children. She is to make sure that they learn the fundamentals of life, but also know that she will protect them whenever they need. She will feed them; clothe them; kiss their boo-boos; and scare away monsters underneath the beds. That is why Mother's are here. To comfort the kids.


But who is there for the Mothers?


Yes there are the husbands, but more times than we can count, the husbands need looking after and that's another chore for the Mom's to do. Women have sort of picked up on that role many years back.


Kids don't realize it till their Moms are getting older or have passed away and by then it's too late for them to take care of their Moms.


So what happens when kids leave the house? How about the husband? Who will then take care of Mother? She's still a human being...she needs a shoulder to cry on once in a while too!


Please look After Mom is a story like no other. This story showcases all family members and their thoughts and remembrance of Mom when Mom goes missing in a busy Seoul Subway station. As they reminisce of their mother you find yourself reminiscing about your own mother.


Think of all the times your mother stood by you no matter what. Think of the times YOU said some things to her and as you were walking away you heard her say "I Love You". Have you said that to her? What have you done to repay those nasty things you didn't mean to say to her?


Who's going to look after Mom when the kids are gone?