Dark Hunter Series - Book Prequel

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Grace Alexander doesn’t have any luck with the men. She tries to get them to see her for her but I guess you could say that the cards are not in her favor. She loves her work as a sex therapist, just trying to help people but not quite sure how to use those encouraging words to her patient to herself.

Until her best friend Selena brings a book to her on her birthday. An interesting book that no one has seen for hundreds of years and it was by chance that Selena found it. Or was it Fate? You know those Fates, they can be might tricky when they want to be. For this book is no ordinary book. Inside this book has a page of beautifully drawn picture of a gorgeous man in all his glory; with a fig leaf here and there. Selena believes it’s magical where you announce his name to a full moon three times and he will appear and give you the time of YOUR life for a full month; Grace doesn’t believe in magic anymore.

That is until Grace says the man’s name three times to the full moon just to please Selena.

And of course when the man appears in her living room……in all his glory does she finally believe.

As they introduce themselves, and her fighting her intense desire to be with him, there is no way she is going to use him…for goodness sake he is human. He on the other hand doesn’t see it that way. He has been used for thousands of years there is no way of breaking this curse.

In Grace’s mind: Where there is a Will there is a Way. And she may have found that way. The catch? They can’t sleep with each other till the last day. Can they fight the hunger between them? What will happen when she DOES break the curse? Where will a man out of his element in the new world go?

This book is essentially the first book of the Dark-Hunter series.

Confession time.....
I only read this book because a patron kept pestering me to read it. We didn't have these series on the shelves so she would MelCat them and every time she comes in, she told me to read these books. She said if I want a clear start on these series, then start with this book.

Now, to be quite clear, I have NEVER, and I mean N.E.V.E.R read any kind of books like these. I mostly read adventure books, sci-fi books. Yes it had a little mention here and there about sex, it had about kissing, but never to this degree. And I have to tell you:


This book in particular mostly because he really was a Sex God trapped into a book and only let out by some woman chanting some chant and that's all he does...have sex with a woman for 30 days and 30 NIGHTS!!! When's my birthday again?!

The one thing I liked about this book (and there were several, but) was that Grace looked beyond the hard taught muscle, the gorgeous eyes and the straight face of a man who would love her till their "session" was over, and saw a troubled man who needed help and protection. And it takes a very strong woman to fight a two thousand year curse. And Grace was that woman.

Kind of makes you think...could I do that? Say no to a strong, amazingly handsome man that will make your dreams come true for nothing? Yea...I think I would try and help him get free from being a slave and set him free. Of course, there are a few nights there...no I'm not going to go there!! I can't. (I'm at work!!)

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