The Island

The Island - Jen Minkman

It used to be that when you turn 18 you are able to leave your house and home and are called adult.

Now the Great Book states that when you turn 10, you are considered as an adult and can fend for itself.

At least that's how Leia and Luc was raised to believe. And now living on an Island, learning to survive the hard way nothing else should matter in the world. Get smarter, survive, marry and have children. That's the basis and nothing will change that.

Except for that Wall.

And the Fools. Fools are ones that believe that someone in higher power will take care of them, and believe in dreams. What such fools they are!!!

But then something happened. Leia actually meets with a Fool. And now the real question is, are the Fools what Leia has heard all her life or is she the fool?

Another interesting Dystopia book with a little twist in the end. I thought I wasn't going to like this book for the start of the book took a little longer than I'm used to and there were a lot of Star Wars langauge with talk about "The Force" "the Force is from the inside not the outside" Leia and Luc (Luke) and the whole thing about somebody other than parents raised Leia and Luc to understand their "Force". But I think if you never have seen Star Wars you would think this was just another Dystopia book where the kids believe that a system that has been in the works for generations needs to change now! Once again I thank for letting me read this book a head of time and I hope this review answers some people's thoughts on this book!