Fairy Tale Re-told

Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch - Disney Storybook Art Team, Serena Valentino

What happens to someone when they have been wronged by another? Usually we feel hurt. We feel lost. We get angry and try to get back at the other. But when they apologize for wronging you, you may be able to forgive but you will never forget what they have done. And it may ruin a good relationship, or you could move on and try to rekindle the love you have that other person.

Or you could have a heart full of rage and hatred that no matter what anyone tells you, you will have blood. Either their blood or someone close to them. But somehow, somewhere you will get your revenge and nothing will be sweeter.

That is the basis of The Sea Witch, Ursula. She was wronged all those years ago by humans for being different. She was tossed aside like she was nothing by her own brother. And now more then ever, she wants blood to exact revenge on those who wronged her. Doesn't matter who she uses, she'll kill them in the end. No matter who she hurts, no one could match her pain. She sees red, and the world better see it too.

Only problem: she wronged the wrong sisters.

There are three witches who are powerful, full of hate and can do wonders for anyone who has a villainous mind BUT there must be a reason. A reason for the hatred. Not just a feeling of "because I want to". No, there has to be a bloody well good reason for this kind of illicit hatred for them to help. But now that one of their own is missing, the three sisters feel lost and can't think straight. Ursula knows their pain and knows how to use it to her expanse. The three sisters go along with the her plan without question.

Till someone comes along and tells them Ursula's big secret. A secret that will answer the three sister's answers. A secret that could have been useful to Ursula but damaging to the sisters.

Now that the three most powerful sister witches know Ursula's secret and how she was going to use them, well let's just say they aren't very pleased.

Pleased to the point of ruining Ursula's big plan of revenge and stopping her from taking over the world in her hatred. Even allowing a princess....a PRINCESS mind you to get away with love...once again. But this time, the three sisters don't care. They care for one thing and Ursula tried to have her captured and killed. Not while the three sisters still live will they allow this.

Serena has done it once again with these fairy-tale re-tellings from the villains point of view. This time, Serena dives into the Little Mermaid story with the Ursula's point of view.

You poor unfortunate soul for not have read this yet.

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