Black Knights Inc. Book: One

Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker

The back of your neck is trying to tell you something...are you going to listen?

Well, of course you are. Your a woman walking down the street and was taught by a very overprotective brother that when that sixth sense kicks in, you listen to it. Especially when just a few months ago you got the news that your brother just passed away and you know for certain he didn't die from working on his bike.

So what do you?

You go to the one place that doesn't make sense....her brothers outfit the he joined after the Marines. The place where her brothers best friend Nate Weller lives....a Chicago Motorcycle shop called the Black Knights Inc....Inc being something other than a Motorcycle shop! When she finally gets the nerve to go up there to ask help she sees that this has got to be the last place on Earth that she should be in....but with that mugging only last night and that sense that someone has followed her Nate Weller is going to be her knight in shining leather to help her out!

Nate Weller has done some things in his life that he's not proud of....decisions that he made that he wishes he could take back but knows that life isn't that nice. Especially when life hands him Ali Morgan, his recent deceased best friends "little" sister. Ali is beyond being little and for a Kindergarten Teacher she packs more strength in her little petite body than he could in his 6 abs or more!! He knows that he must keep his unsaintly hands off of her, but when he hears that someone is after Ali....more to the point wanting Ali "deleted"....he's going to have to suck it up and help her through this and his own demons as well. Once he puts that men who want to harm Ali behind bars (or under 6 feet of clover) he'll leave Ali alone and be content with his own life.

He just wishes that Ali would cooperate.